Slowing Down

Social distancing was a phrase I wasn’t familiar with until it became my reality just a few short days ago. I came across an article about Coronavirus and immediately starting searching all over the internet for any information I could find on the topic. Little did I know how much this new virus would affect our country as a whole. I started hearing about businesses and schools across the country closing and I couldn’t believe it. Then, my sister told me that my nephew’s school was also closing. Shortly after that, I got a phone call that my son’s school was closing. It was all happening so fast and it seemed so surreal. I kept hearing about people rushing to the grocery store to get food, toilet paper and hand sanitizer because we were all going to be stuck in our houses for weeks. After talking to my husband, I decided to follow suit and head to the grocery store. I’m not one to panic (like ever, about anything lol) so I didn’t stock up with weeks worth of food like every other person I saw in Kroger, but I did grab a few extra items just in case.

A couple of days later, I went in for my shift at Draper James and there was talk about the store closing. I didn’t think there was any chance of that actually happening. But sure enough, the next day I got a call and my boss told me that we would be temporarily closing so we could do our part in helping to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. That was five days ago and since then I’ve been at home with my family getting used to our new normal with social distancing. We have watched movies, done science experiments, read our devotionals together, gone outside to get some fresh air, hopped in the car to grab some ice-cream at the drive thru and even laughed together at some of the crazy Coronavirus memes going around.

When things happen in life that I don’t understand, I always look for the lesson. What is God trying to teach me? One lesson He has taught me over the last five days is that He is all I need. I believe if we slow down long enough, there are lessons to be learned all around us. My family and friends are amazing and I am beyond thankful for them, but I have been reminded that God is the only One who can fill me up and make me whole. No matter what happens in life with my health, my finances, my family or my circumstances, I know that God is bigger than all of it and He will get me through it.

So, for the next fews weeks (or possibly months) until the world goes back to normal, I will make the most of my new temporary norm and do my best to enjoy every minute God gives me with my family right here at home.